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Make your facilities smart by using Video Analytics

  • Automate your monitoring tasks
  • Save up to 50% in manpower and monitoring costs
  • Improve compliance to SOPs by 70%
  • Enhance security by 50%
Ai Video Analytics

What is AIVIS?

AIVIS Video Analytics is powered by an advanced Artificial Intelligence engine that can generate detailed insights about the performance of your facility.

Meet with Our AI Expert

Here you’ll have the chance to engage and chat with our informed AI expert. Explore the cutting edge developments, in video analytics technology gain insights into how AI can enhance video data optimization and have all your questions answered. Whether you’re an industry just curious about the possibilities of AI, in video analysis our expert is here to offer discussions and helpful guidance. Join the conversation now. Unlock the potential of AI driven video analytics.

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Smart | Secure | Flexible

With fully automated real-time alerts, easy deployment and actionable insights, stand as a reliable solution for futuristic video monitoring and business growth.

Our Video Analytics Products

Customer Behavior's Analysis
Customer Behavior's Analysis
SOP Compliance Check
Hygiene Safety
CCTV Monitoring
CCTV Monitoring
Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring


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