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A highly specialised video analytics platform for Industry 4.0. We at take extreme care of our stakeholder’s germane shopping experience by providing them with paramount security with highly efficient tech-enabled video analytics systems guided by extremely efficient AI to further the process of technology-oriented smart retail video security systems.

AIVIS Video Analytics systems are now at the brink of bringing transformation and change in the video analytical industry by introducing distinctly efficient AI-enabled products for retailers, malls, and shops to not even safeguard the showrooms rather the AIVIS Video analytics comes with an array of solutions to make your store smart and efficient.

Our team at believes in high-tech security but with a glimpse of Artificial Intelligence, which can probably change the landscape of the video analytical industry.

Using an AIVIS video analytics system a retail store owner can analyze from which section the maximum customers shop from by the data given by our Heatmap, which uses AI to understand and foresee the crowd based on demographics like age and gender.

Retail Store

Retail video analytics is a powerful tool that can help businesses gain insights into customer behavior and preferences.

  • Introduction to retail video analytics: Explain what retail video analytics is and how it works. Describe the types of data that can be collected and the insights that can be gained.

  • Benefits of retail video analytics: Discuss the advantages of using retail video analytics, such as improving customer experience, optimizing store layout, and increasing sales.

  • Types of data collected: Go into more detail about the types of data that can be collected through retail video analytics, such as foot traffic, dwell time, and customer demographics.

Customer Intelligence In Retail
Video Analytics​

  • Collect demographics and data on footfall
  • Collect information on facial expressions
  • Track Unique/Repeat Customers
  • Dwell time

Track Customer Behaviour

  • Heatmaps to track where customers are going
  • Tracking Customer paths
  • Shelf Analytics to identify products getting sold out
  • Eye Tracking

Improve Retail Video Analytics​

  • Maintaining Cleanliness by regular updates
  • Uniform/Hygiene
  • Keeping a check on inventory
  • Tracking queue length and giving updates
  • Keeping a watch on customers dwell time or any suspicious activity

Loss Prevention

  • Keeping track of Suspicious Behaviour
  • Face Recognition for future records
  • Staff Monitoring to prevent any unforeseen circumstance

Safety & Security Of The Store

  • Preventing Unattended objects
  • Cap/Helmet/Face covering recognition
  • Preventing Camera Tampering
  • Regulating Guard sleeping and absent detection

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