Apparel Case Study

Boosting Sales by 14%


In the ever-evolving retail landscape, innovation is the key to staying ahead. This case study delves into the success story of a prominent London-based apparel retailer, achieving a remarkable 14% sales increase at its new South East Asia branch. The focus here isn’t just on selling clothes; it’s about truly understanding both visitors and buyers.

Unveiling the Challenge

Tasked with tailoring offerings to the diverse demographics of the new market, the apparel giant navigated this challenge strategically, ultimately achieving a significant 14% boost in sales. Let’s walk through the strategies employed to overcome this hurdle.


Understanding customers is pivotal in any industry. The retailer utilized the Face Analytics service, strategically placing four cameras across the store: one on each floor and two at the checkout counters. These cameras offered valuable insights into visitor and buyer demographics.

Rich Insights

The Face Analytics service not only tracked visitor numbers but also furnished detailed information about them. The retailer gained nuanced insights into the age and gender of customers, enriching their understanding of clientele dynamics.


Armed with demographic and checkout data, the retailer actively analyzed conversions based on age and gender.

Surprising Patterns

The findings uncovered intriguing patterns:


– During weekdays, there was a majority female demographic.

– On weekends, a balanced gender demographic was observed.

– Throughout the week, higher conversion rates were noted for middle-aged men.

Apparel Case Study on AI Video Analytics


Armed with these insights, the retailer made strategic decisions to optimize store layout and product offerings.

Smart Stocking

Opting to increase the variety of women’s apparel in stock, the retailer allocated additional space on the men’s floor. Crucially, this decision didn’t compromise existing men’s stock; instead, the layout was adjusted to seamlessly integrate women’s products.

Enhanced Visibility

To draw attention to the new women’s stock, the retailer incorporated eye-catching advertisements in the form of mannequins at the storefront.

Outstanding Outcomes

The results spoke volumes:


– Women’s product sales surged by 14% in the next two months.

– Men’s product sales remained unaffected.

– Overall conversion rates experienced a significant uptick.

– Female visitors increased over the weekends, signaling a positive shift in the store’s dynamics.


As an AI software company, we take pride in providing tailored solutions to apparel industry clients. Our advanced analytics and real-time notifications empower retailers to make informed decisions, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Since our journey’s inception, our goal has been to instill confidence in clients through comprehensive video analytics. The data collected from our solutions can genuinely transform your store from the inside out.

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