Banking Video Analytics makes your bank branches and ATMs smart!

Enhance security infrastructure​
Reduce compliance issues ​
Attain situational awareness​
Achieve business insights​
Derive operational intelligence​

Banking Video Analytics makes your bank branches and ATMs smart!

According to the report of the Finance Ministry, there are 2.13 lakh ATMs and innumerable bank branches as of 2021. Security of ATMs and banks is a supremely vulnerable industry in India. There is an ATM in almost every corner of the street in a city in our country but security and maintenance continue to be considerable issues.

There comes the use of AIVIS, the foremost product of AIVIS is an AI-enabled camera device that will monitor your branch or ATM facility 24*7.

AIVIS enables banks and financial institutions to increase safety and situational awareness by harnessing their existing surveillance networks to enable security to respond to events as they unfold as well as search and filter video to accelerate post-event investigations. By aggregating video generated data, banking organizations with brick-and-mortar facilities can extend the value of video to operational and marketing business units, with visibility into behavioral trends and footfall across bank branches in order to drive data-driven decision making around optimizing customer service, building layouts, and security protocols.

The AI-enabled camera device will be giving regular updates via emails, SMS, and WhatsApp about the recent happenings in the facility, be it the absence of a security guard, anomaly detection, etc.

Check ATM functioning

  • If the machine is working or not.
  • If the shutter is down.
  • Keep a check on camera tampering.

Ensure safety and security. ​

  • Look over the presence of multiple people.
  • Keep a check on wearing face mask
  • Automated alarms on security absence 
  • Detecting any type of violence, burglary, or shoplifting 

Improve Cleaning operations

  • Maintain a check on the cleanliness. 
  • A check on any other SOP

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