Improve Logistics
Maintain and supervise staff
Fast-track Operations
Enhance safety and security
Covid Friendly
Learn about the advantages of Logistics Video Analytics

Using our advanced logistics video analytics system, AIVIS, let’s make your backbreaking and tedious job smart and AI friendly.

While logistics operations are prone to human error, AIVIS reduces the tendency of mistakes. AIVIS gives you real time updates, constant monitoring of the operations, and immediate feedback when something goes wrong.

AIVIS, a smart and efficient video analytical system will break the shackles of conventional logistical management.

With minimal supervisory control required, your facility will be safe and secured through an AI enabled video camera system.

AIVIS will monitor the Turn around Time (TAT) and make the logistical process uninterrupted and impeccable before and after the job is done. The usage of logistics video analytics will give real-time appropriate results with the help of Artificial Intelligence and the conventional methods of logistics and delivery of products will now be replaced with smart and intelligent tools.  

Furthermore, a reduction in last-minute shrinkages and compliance costs would be an added benefit. The monitoring of the Turn around Time of the parcel delivery will transform the whole process automated and secure. 

Now, what we are experiencing is a change from conventional tools with the usage of Logistics video analytics. 

Customized bay/dock management

  • Monitored loading and unloading
  • Advantage of 24*7 supervisory control.
  • Measurement of Turn around time (TAT)

AI-enabled security​

  • Updates on unnecessary loitering 
  • Detection of any unattended objectes
  • Updates on camera tampering 
  • Tech-enabled system for Vehicle Number plate recognition (ANPR) 

Adherence to Covid protocols

  • Keep a check on social distancing. 
  • Keep a check on face mask 
  • Tech-enabled automated thermal detection

Breach/Intrusion Detection​

  • Records the time of intruding.
  • Records the location of intrusion 
  • Real-time updates via SMS, emails, and WhatsApp. 

Parcel/Packet Monitoring​

  • Keep a check on parcel safety 
  •  Real-time updates if anyone is sitting or standing on the parcel. 
  • Careful loading and unloading of boxes. 
  • Avoidance of damages in the parcel. 
  • Restricted unauthorized opening 

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