Security video analytics makes your space smart

Achieve situational awareness
Gain business insights
Improve security infrastructure
Enhance operational excellence

Make your physical facility smart with Security video analytics!​

Security Video Analytics makes your space smart with AI efficiency. 

Secure your physical facility, be it a warehouse, a departmental store, your house, or any space that calls for smart and safe protection, is the right place for you!

Our, primary and foremost product AIVIS, an AI-enabled camera system that will be your smart pilot assistant. So no longer eyeballing for minuscule details, like an intrusion, or looking into the details of quotidian working.

Let AIVIS be the smart vision, that will provide you with real-time updates on any camera tampering, any unauthorized intrusion, or even the minute details that were once examined by a staff member.

The AI-enabled camera device has all the necessary functionalities including facial recognition technology required to make a facility smart and threat-free.

The Security video analytics system will be up and running 24*7, and process the media into serviceable data that can further be accessed and used, all of this will be done in seconds with the smart usage of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning

Real-time updates on camera tampering

  • Keep a check if the camera is tilted. 
  • Real-time updates on if the images are blurred. 
  • Keep a check on any camera blackout due to cloth, or any material. 
  • NVR/DVR recording for camera. 
  • NVR/DVR hard drive recording. 

Monitor the regular work

  • If the staff is following the necessary prerequisites.  
  • If the daily work is being done properly. 
  • Any unauthorized intrusion or happening. 

Updates on Covid protocols

  • If the staff is wearing masks or not. 
  • If the customers are wearing masks or not. 
  • Real-time updates to maintain social distancing. 

Keep an eye on customers

  • Keep a count on people on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. 
  • Data on gender. 
  • Data on age. 
  • Keep a check on facial expressions to gain customer insights. 

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