QSR Video Analytics makes your restaurant smart

Enhancement in hygiene
Enhancement in hygiene
Increase in footfall
Increase in footfall
Improvement in quality
Improvement in quality
Gain customer insights
Gain customer insights

Make your restaurant smart using QSR Video Analytics!​

QSR Video Analytics system is the next big thing: An AI-enabled system that is already up and running in various stores, restaurants and hotels!

Quick service restaurants or QSRs are amongst the most visited places in our country. They require maximum security, safety and, hygiene would be an added advantage.

We at Agrex.ai with our primary product AIVIS video analytics want to transform this convoluted process with high human intervention easy and tech-enabled with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The AI-enabled video camera will be up and running 24*7 ultimately reducing the backbreaking job of security staff with real-time updates via SMS, emails, and WhatsApp.

The analytics will also give information on the hygiene and if the chef is backing the safety requirements, or the staff is wearing gloves or not and any other hygiene requirements.

The most exciting part of AIVIS as technology is, it can detect the mood of an individual using facial recognition technology, which will help businesses gain customer insights and make improvements. Increase customer footfall with QSR Video Analytics.

24*7 Monitoring Of Staff

  • A tech-enabled check on the usage of face mask and hair net. 
  • A regular check on the usage of gloves. 
  • A regular audit on the usage of approved uniform. 
  • Keep an eye on PPE requirements. 

Keep a check on hygiene​

  • Monitor complaince of cleaning staff roaster.
  • Maintain checks on dry, wet, and machine cleaning. 

Preserve Service levels

  • Surveillance on queue length management. 
  • Track Time of order placement. 
  • Track Time of order delivery. 
  • A check on manned and unmanned POS.

Get alerts on tampering

  • Keep a check on any tilt on the camera. 
  • Keep a check if the camera is showing blurred images. 
  • Avoidance or update on camera blackout due to cloth or any material. 
  • Automated NVR/DVR recording on camera. 
  • Automated NVR/DVR hard drive recording. 

Get Demographics Of Your Customers

  • Data on age.
  • Data on gender. 

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