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Video Analytics in Hygiene is needed everywhere, starting from a restaurant or a quick-service restaurant (QSR), to a healthcare facility or a hospital. Whereas the latter emerged as an important segment for video analytics-based companies, because of the much-needed hygienic environment that has to be created to maintain a patient’s health and fitness. 

Kitchen Hygiene

The Problems We face Excluding Video Analytics in Hygiene sector:-

According to the findings of NetApp, hand washing is a major concern in hospitals today. The U.S. centers for disease control says that “on average healthcare providers wash their hands less than half of the times they should”. Global studies also suggest that hand hygiene compliance was less than 50%.  

Cleanliness and hygiene have been a major issue in quick-service restaurants, where the majority of the people prefer to go. Recently KFC was fined 19000 pounds when a cockroach was found in the chips at one of the most reputed branches of Britain. The common hygiene issues detected are, workers not washing their hands properly, at times there is no hand washing gel in the kitchen, and washrooms. Additionally, unclean tables are a common sight now when we go to a fast-food giant or even a small fast food restaurant. 

In India, the situation is more prevalent due to the low salaries offered by QSRs to their employees Of course, a good salary is equivalent to more expenditure, thus more hygiene. 

Video Analytics in Hygiene

A Quick Solution In Video Analytics In Hygiene Sector

Video Analytics in Hygiene

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and computer vision, there is no need for a human to interpret the findings from images and videos. The computer does the interpretation and analyzing part. Though video analytics in camera devices have transformed the scenario.  

In this epoch, environment can be improved using Video Analytics in hygiene, and AI-enabled camera devices. These devices are not like the conventional CCTV cameras that will just bestow you with few images and videos. 

AI-enabled video analytic camera devices have a stronger foothold in analyzing the data and then sending alerts via SMS, emails, and messages. Moreover, these devices will be your 24*7 guide to counter hygiene and cleanliness-related issues. 

It will keep a check on your employees while they are working. Whether the employees are wearing masks or not, if the staff is washing hands or not, the cleanliness of the place, including the sitting management, and everything related to hygiene. 

Plus if your restaurant does not have a stock of handwashing gel, it will inform you via an alert. 

Industries we are serving:

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs): AIVIS, an AI-enabled smart video camera device is already up and running in various fast food giants including McDonald’s.

Benefits of AIVIS: 

  • Keep a check if the staff is washing hands or not.
  • Keep an eye out if everyone is wearing face masks.
  • Keep a check on table cleanliness.
  • Maintain a check on the cleanliness of the entire facility.

AIVIS will be up and running 24*7, to give you real-time updates about what is happening in your QSR. Plus the alerts will be an added perk to the facility owner. Video Analytics in the Hygiene sector has shown a tremendous change in peoples behaviour and made them more responsible for maintaining a healthy environment.

Retail Operations Case Study

Banking & ATMs: As noted earlier, banks and ATMs are the most vulnerable and visited places in the country due to the need for cash, and various other services that people need regularly.

Benefits of AIVIS: 

  • Keep a check if the facility is clean.
  • Keep a check on staff if they are following necessary cleanliness compliance.
  • Keep a check on the crowd if they are wearing face masks.

Logistics: Thousands of parcels are daily transported from different places across the country. The logistics industry has grown from rock bottom, and with the increase in online shopping, the scenario has further transformed.

 Benefits of AIVIS: 

  • Keep an eye if the necessary compliances are being followed while transporting.
  • Keep a check on Logistics workers and the cleanliness.
  • Maintain a check on the hygiene of the logistics facility.


Keeping a clean environment is essential. Legitimate dealing with rehearsals is expected to ensure a safe workplace. The consequences of poor food hygiene range from the spread of foodborne diseases to avoidable consistency violations. Appropriate dealing with practices should be imparted before work and consistently reaffirmed all through work through periodic preparation programmes.

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