Apparel Case Study

Apparel Case Study

How an Apparel Retailers Increased Sales by 14%


One of the world’s biggest apparel retailers based in London had opened up its branches in a country in South East Asia and was looking for analytics solutions to improve its sales in the region. The retail chain is primarily a men’s fashion retailer but also manufactures products for women. The project requirement was also to know more about their customers (both visitors and buyers). This Apparel Case Study would give you a brief of our services and help you explore the uniqueness of the services in Apparel Industry.


By using the Face Analytics service, they got rich information about the kinds of visitors they were getting on different floors of the store. 4 cameras were installed. 1 for each floor and 2 for checkout counters. Using this they were able to get the demographic information of the visitors to the store, but also of the actual buyers.


Using the demographics data and the checkout system data, they were able to measure the conversions broken down by demographics (Age, Gender). It was noticed that there was : 

  1. Majority Female demographic during the weekday 
  2. Equal gender demographic during the weekend 
  3. Conversion % was much higher for middle-aged men during the whole week
Apparel Case Study on Artificial Intelligence for video Analytics
Apparel Case Study


According to the information gathered about the store, it was decided to stock more variety of women’s apparel in the stock and allocated some of the areas on the men’s floor to that extra stock. This decision was taken to boost women’s conversions to improve the total conversion percentage. This was done by changing the men’s layout so that there was no need to remove men’s stock to make space for the women’s stock. The increase in stock was also accompanied by adding advertisements in the form of mannequins at the storefront. This decision led to the following results: 

  1. The total sales for women’s products went up by 14% over the next 2 months. 
  2. The sales for men’s products weren’t affected. 
  3. The conversions as a whole increased 
  4. Because of the increased focus on women’s products, the number of female visitors increased over the weekends. 


Here as an  AI Software Company. We are providing a Solution to Our Clients in Apparel Industry. Providing Constant and advanced analytics about the customers in Store, along with Real-Time Notifications. Our Journey from the scratch was to achieve faith in our Clients with video analytics. The collected data would benefit your store Inside out. 


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