Retail Operations Case Study

Retail Operations Case Study

How Retail Operations Case Study would help Supermarkets Optimize Their Retail Operations.

One of the new, up-and-coming supermarket chains located in Europe wanted advanced video analytics to identify bottlenecks in their store operations. The aim of the Retail Operations Case Study was to increase the efficiency of existing employees and focus on action and automate a lot of manual analytics done inside the store. Another aim of the introduction of new analytics was also to improve the safety and security of the store. This would help the store to be compliant with the local safety law for buildings, to be more secure for the customers while also preventing shrinkage.

Retail Operations Case Study


Prior to automating shop-floor related alerts, the retail store relied on staff to identify and report incidents. After the automation of some alerts, the staff is free to resolve those incidents quicker, spend less time on monitoring and more time on taking action. The following alerts were implemented:

1. Queue Length Alerts
2. Aisle Congestion Alerts
3. Cleanliness of Shopfloor
4. Stockouts from Shelves


As an added feature to operational alerts, there were also experiments for security-related features such as 

  1. Face Recognition for shoplifters 
  2. Abandoned Objects on shopfloor/obstruction to emergency exits 
  3. Camera Blocking, Tampering and No Video 
  4. Anomaly Detection (Burglary, Violence, Suspicious Behaviour


 These automated alerts were issued as a notification to the included web dashboard that is visible to the store manager. The store manager then issues the appropriate actions to be done to the relevant staff. The notification can also be issued via a third-party task management solution but the retailer wasn’t using one so this was not done. After the task is completed, it can be marked for a post-facto analysis and review


According to the information obtained from the store alerts the following relevant results were obtained: 

  1. The action was taken on a relevant alert approximately 150% faster than if relied completely on a staff member discovering the anomaly. 
  2. Stock-out alerts were raised immediately leading to immediate replenishment thereby preventing lost revenue
  3. Objects blocking the emergency exits were immediately detected leading to increased compliance and improved security 
  4. The store manager was alerted about a previous shoplifter and was barred from entry 
  5. An alert was generated about violent behaviour in-store leading to staff intervention and the escalation of violence was prevented.


Here as an  AI Software Company. We are providing a Solution to Our Clients in the Retail Industry. Providing Constant and advanced analytics about the customers in Store, along with Real-Time Notifications. Our Journey from the scratch was to achieve faith in our Clients with video analytics. The collected data would benefit your store Inside out. 


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